October 28, 2016

Apple CEO Says AI Will Be Integrated Within All Products

October 18, 2016 Rich Ord

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited Japan for the opening of their state-of-the-art research and development facility. He described it as a “center for deep engineering that will be very different from the R&D base Apple plans to build in China.” “I cannot tell you the specifics,” Apple CEO Tim […]

Technology and Data Are Changing Sales

October 6, 2016 Rich Ord

Technology is impacting sales in a way never seen before as evidenced by Salesforce’s massive integration of artificial intelligence into all of their various clouds and products. At the Salesforce Dreamforce event much of the discussion is about how technology is changing the sales landscape requiring salespeople to adapt or […]

Google Cloud Security Innovations Moving the Needle

September 8, 2016 Rich Ord

Google recently conducted a roundtable of in-house experts discussing how Google uniquely provides a secure platform for businesses to store their data online. Google experts tell the story of how Google invented innovative technology allowing them to keep their customers information and data safe from digital intruders. “Information security has […]

Amazon Kinesis Analytics Allows Live Querying of Streaming Data

August 15, 2016 Rich Ord

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making available Amazon Kinesis Analytics, enabling continuous querying of streaming data using standard SQL. This allows developers to create SQL queries on live and continuous data for real-time analysis. No new programming skills are needed. “AWS’s functionality across big data stores, data warehousing, distributed analytics, […]

Technological Advancements Reshaping Ecommerce

August 1, 2016 Rich Ord

eBay is in full preparation for the next commerce revolution and believes the heart of it is technological advancements coming together to reshape online selling. eBay CEO Devin Wenig believes that it is these innovations that will create an enormous opportunity for companies that are prepared to take advantage of […]

TPUs Already Power Many Applications at Google

June 27, 2016 Staff Writer

It’s fascinating how fast Google implements new technology in its applications: TPU is an example of how fast we turn research into practice — from first tested silicon, the team had them up and running applications at speed in our data centers within 22 days. TPUs already power many applications […]

Microfluidic Cooling May Prevent Demise Of Moore’s Law

June 10, 2016 admin

Michael Kassner, a freelance writer, wrote a very interesting article published at TechRepublic on how microfluidic cooling might be the answer to preventing Moore’s Law from petering out. Moore’s Law is the observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, that the number of transistors per square inch […]

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