July 25, 2017

AMD?s New Alchemy Overshadowed By Fake Chip Scandal

January 3, 2005 Chris Richardson

A shop in Taiwan has been shutdown for producing fake AMD processor chips. Investigators discovered that the warehouse falsely labeled an estimated 1 million processors with AMD stickers. News of these fake chips has curbed the hype surrounding AMD’s announcement of their new Alchemy processor. […]

Google Toolbar Contains Input Validation Vulnerability

September 21, 2004 Chris Richardson

A security flaw has been discovered within the Google Toolbar that will allow the execution of scripts, malicious or otherwise. According to articles that appeared in SecurityTracker.com and SecurityFocus.com, the exploit allows HTML and script interjection through the Google Toolbar page, About.html. […]

Phishing For Gmail Accounts

September 13, 2004 Chris Richardson

It appears that there is a possible malicious email appearing in Gmail inboxes disguised as an invitation announcement. The mailing claims to be from the Gmail team and it “informs” the user that they have more invitations that can be given out. […]

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